Every Computer Has A Wealth of Power

Turn idle capacity into carbon neutral cash for charity.

Using Cudo Donate To Raise Money For Charity...

Is Secure and Safe
We don’t take any risks regarding user safety. Your security is our priority.
Uses Only Your Spare Capacity
Cudo Donate won’t slow your computer. Our smart software will only kick in when you're not using it
Can Be Set Up In Minutes
You’re only a few clicks away from doing a whole world of good for charity. Simply register your details, download the miner and start fundraising.
Is Carbon Neutral
Our drive to make a positive impact is all-encompassing. That’s why we make sure that all the energy used by Cudo Donate is offset by carbon credits.

Home Computer Owners

Donate spare computer power to your favourite cause.

Today’s computers are powerful, even when used for the most basic of recreational purposes. As most of us don’t use our computers 24 hours a day, there’s plenty of time when that power isn’t utilised.

Depending on specification and amount of time, a home computer can generate anything between £1-£100 a month for charity with our desktop application while it is left on and not being used, with the only cost being electricity.

Businesses & Organisations

Harnessing unused processing power in your business for good.

If you’d like to employ your business’ resources for a greater good, using Cudo Donate is the answer. By allowing your business’ computers to earn for charity when they’re not in use, you can set up an exceptional CSR strategy, without interfering with the operations of your employees.

Furthermore, the mining capability of your network can be managed centrally by your own IT department. Full control is yours, with an incredible output for causes that matter.

Website or Blog Owners

Add visitors to donate spare processor power.

Imagine if all the guests who visit your site could leave a donation for your preferred charitable cause, every time they stop by to read your content.

Cudo Donate allows you to facilitate exactly that – without interfering with your visitor’s experience or needing to access any of their details. Simply set up the miner so your guests can add to your cryptocurrency pot, every time they visit, without slowing down their browsing.