India Solar Power

Carbon offsetting allows Cudo to operate with 100% carbon neutrality

By participating in the India Solar Power project, our commitment can shine.

As a carbon neutral company, we offset our carbon energy use by investing in carbon credits. You can read more about this strategy here.

We want our carbon offsets to make a measurable and remarkable difference to sustainable energy solutions. So we’ve chosen to invest in two specific projects: India Wind Power and India Solar Power.

The India Solar Power project actively generates electricity using solar energy. This energy is then exported to the regional grid system, displacing 95,145 MWh/year of energy which would otherwise be produced from fossil fuels.

The project also creates employment opportunities in the states of Tamil Nadu and Telangana, as well as demonstrating renewable energy technology and reducing demand/supply gaps in the region.

The India Solar Power project is reliant on the purchase of carbon credits. Thus, we can be confident that our carbon offsets are a proven, permanent and precise example of responsible energy consumption.