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Fundraising is a charity’s greatest challenge, with a constant need to find fresh and innovative ways to engage supporters and encourage donations.

Cudo Donate presents a revolutionary new way for supporters to raise money for good causes, by utilising the spare power that exists in almost all computer hardware to mine cryptocurrency.

Completely safe and non-intrusive, Cudo Donate allows the average PC to generate between £10-£30 a month for good causes – at the cost of just a few pence of electricity and absolutely none of your supporters’ time.

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A Charity Guide to Crypto Mining

Ideal for charity CEOs, trustees, fundraisers and marketing managers, ‘A Charity Guide to Crypto Mining’ explains the power of cryptocurrency, why Cudo Donate is changing the fundraising landscape and how it can be successfully leveraged for your organisation.

Length: 9 pages


Fundraising in the Age of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is changing our perception of money. As the ledger for all cryptocurrencies, we firmly believe it to be the future of fundraising – and you can join the revolution today. Perfect for charity innovators and techies, download this guide to discover how Cudo Donate gives charity supporters the power to raise digital money and create an all-new revenue stream for your cause.

Length: 27 pages


Guide To Supporter Engagement

Telling the world about your partnership with Cudo Donate will open new doors for your charity. Attracting fresh supporters, while simultaneously offering existing patrons a new way to contribute, can be achieved seamlessly with help from our Guide to Supporter Engagement.

The ideal reference for those working in fundraising, marketing, PR and communications, download the guide now and start to spread the word.

Length: 5 pages



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