The Cudo Team

Cudo Donate is the philanthropic arm of Cudo Ventures. Founded by Matt Hawkins, David Pedrini and Duncan Cook, Cudo is built on a foundation of award-winning entrepreneurialism, expert cryptocurrency knowledge and a long history working with NGOs and charities.

These three things make Cudo Ventures and Cudo Donate uniquely positioned to leverage cryptocurrency to raise funds for good causes.

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Who are Cudo?

Cudo is the combined effort of Matt Hawkins, David Pedrini and Duncan Cook; these three incredibly passionate individuals believe that cryptocurrency will change the world and transform how charities can generate revenue.

Combining their knowledge of entrepreneurship, technology innovation in the charity sector and cryptocurrency ,they founded Cudo Donate to make a positive difference both in the UK and abroad.

What do you do?

We harness the power of technology for good causes, allowing everyday people with everyday hardware to make an incredible difference to charitable organisations.

We do this by leveraging unused computer power to mine cryptocurrency, without interfering with any of your day-to-day tasks.

Why should we trust you?

Cudo’s leadership is comprised of dedicated and passionate individuals who are widely considered experts in cryptocurrency, IT, telecommunications and innovation.

Cudo Donate was founded exclusively to put this incredible knowledge base to work for good causes.

Individually, they have built and operated multiple ethical businesses and helped numerous charities to meet and exceed their potential; collectively, their experience is unparalleled.

Why use Cudo Donate?

Mining cryptocurrency represents an opportunity for charitable organisations to open up entirely new revenue channels without cannibalising existing donations or investing heavily in people or infrastructure.

By signing up to be a Cudo Donate partner, supporters can generate significant, monthly sums of money to fund projects and help those who really need it.

Best of all it only costs a few pennies a day in electricity.

How do Cudo benefit?

Although we do take a fee to run the service, we only benefit from the fact of helping people.

Cudo Donate uses the 20% fee of the currency mined to cover our infrastructure costs, invest in our amazing team of engineers and to continuously improve the Cudo Donate software. It is also invested in carbon credits to make sure anything you mine doesn’t cost the Earth.

Any profits that may be left from the fee are given back to charity and good causes.

Join our mission to raise $1bn for good causes

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