How Cudo Donate Works

Cudo Donate is an application – typically installed on a desktop or laptop computer by a charity supporter – that uses the computer’s spare processing power to generate virtual currencies called cryptocurrency on behalf of a charity. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for traditional currency – pounds, dollars, euros – or held as an asset to liquidate as needed by the charity.

This represents a whole new revenue opportunity for charities and one which doesn’t cannibalise existing revenue streams. How much each supporter raises depends on their hardware and how long it’s on for. Generally each supporters device can raise between £1 to £50 per month using common computers and more with a very high-powered machine. As a user or corporate can have many devices these numbers add up.

Imagine what your charity could achieve if all your supporters devices generated an additional £20 a month, every month, forever.

Charity FAQs

Do we need to install anything to start funding?

Unless you choose to install the Cudo Donate application on your organisation’s computers, working with us as a Charity Partner doesn’t require you to install anything at all.

The webpage miner that sits on your website is a small piece of JavaScript that will need adding, but beyond sitting on your website host’s server, it doesn’t interact with your organisation at all.

Is mining safe for our supporters?

Absolutely. The Cudo Donate software behaves like any other programme on a computer – it uses processing power to operate. In this case that processing power is used to mine for cryptocurrency.

The default setting is that the software does not run while the user is using the machine. They can change these settings and if they do depending on the age and spec of the machine, supporters may notice a drop in performance if the software is running at the same time as other applications.

However, the mining software does not pose any risk to the hardware, software or any personal data that may be stored.

Will it attract new supporters?

Using spare computing is an entirely new way to raise money for charity.

It especially appeals to younger supporters, technical minds and those who already use cryptocurrency.

It provides a more interactive, more efficient, more scalable and more modern way to give money on a regular basis.

Who can support us?

Anyone who downloads the application, or visits the website and clicks on the webpage miner widget.

Your Cudo Donate application is entirely unique to you, so all your supporters need to do is download and run the application.

How can it be promoted?

You are given your own branded webpage with a unique URL address such as

So it can be promoted in the same way as any of your other fundraising activities. Social media is a good way of getting the word out to the general public. If you have a newsletter, this is the ideal platform to give people the link.

Facebook and Google as a general rule do not allow paid advertising around cryptocurrency so getting ads approved on these platforms is unlikely.

The webpage miner that you can put on your website includes a button to take visitors to your page on the Cudo Donate website where they can download the desktop miner.

How do we get people to sign up?

The challenge for you is helping those supporters unfamiliar with crypto to understand how it works and why it isn’t the currency of criminals that certain media outlets would have you believe.

We recommend having a page on your website that explains what crypto is, why you’re asking supporters to mine it, why it’s such a powerful source of revenue for you and give them a means to sign up.

How will supporters react?

It’s impossible to say and probably depends on the demographics of your supporter base.

New technologies are always viewed with suspicion, so our challenge is to overcome those anxieties and help your supporters see the potential.

However, don’t lose sight of the fact that this is as much about attracting new supporters as it is about energising your existing supporter base.

Supporter FAQs

What do I need to install to mine?

To start mining for your chosen charity all you need to do is download the custom Cudo Donate mining software from their charity page.

It takes a few minutes to install and then you can start mining straight away.

How much processing capacity does the software use?

It entirely depends on how powerful the computer is.

The software is designed to continuously look for idle periods and instantly spin up and spin down based on usage. After all, what good is software that hogs processing power and becomes frustrating to run?

The last thing we want is for you to uninstall the software and your chosen charity miss out on your donations.

When does the software use it?

When the software detects an opportunity to borrow the computer’s processing power it will, but not at the cost of your productivity.

If you leave your computer on overnight the software will use all of the available processing power and the mining potential increases significantly.

Imagine what 12 hours of mining from you and every supporter, every night could do for your chosen charity!

Will using Cudo slow down my computer?

It’s possible if the computers being used are particularly old, however the app is also designed to scale with the available processing power.

The app can’t use what isn’t there so if the computer is showing its age then it may be a case of running the app only during down periods.

Does it know when to stop mining?

The software has been specifically designed to detect when the computer’s processing power is in demand and scale backs its activity so as not to slow your computer down.

It’s important to us that mining crypto for your charity doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day usage.

Will it cause my computer to crash?

It’s possible if your computer is particularly old, however the software is also designed to scale with the available processing power.

It can’t use what isn’t there, so if the computer is showing its age then it may be a case of running the software only during down periods.


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