A brand new way to support Team Rubicon

Donate your unused computer power to help Team Rubicon with their mission.

As I develop Team Rubicon’s fundraising strategy and look to create lucrative, cutting edge methods of income generation for humanitarian missions and take a commercial approach, Cudo is perfectly positioned to help drive us forward. The opportunity Cudo offers for organisations to monetise partnerships where they previously couldn’t and to engage a younger generation will be transformational for Team Rubicon, and indeed, the sector as a whole.

Richard Sharp

Team Rubicon



Requires Windows 7 or later.

Download for Windows


Requires macOS 10.9 or later.

Download for macOS

Please note - we're currently in Beta which means certain features and optimisations are not currently available on the service. We think we're creating something great and would love your feedback on features and improvements.


How it works, in three easy steps

  1. You install a software program that uses your spare computing power to raise money for Team Rubicon.
  2. The software operates quietly in the background, coming to life when your computer is idle, enabling it to volunteer its spare computing power.
  3. Your computer teams up with other computers to solve complex online mathematical problems - a process called ‘mining’ - earning rewards for the charity.

You can make a real difference to Team Rubicon by choosing to donate your spare computing power now.

With your help, we can create the funds we need to achieve our mission.

How your donations help

Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams in the UK and around the world.

What will I earn for Team Rubicon

The amount you can earn each month varies, based on a number of different things this includes:
  • The amount of computer power you have
  • The amount of time your computer is plugin and not active
  • And the current market price for yur calculations, like the stock market this price goes up and down

Here is a basic guide

  • Basic Desktop: £4 - £20
  • Advanced Desktop: £25 - £100
  • Basic Laptop: £1 - £8
  • Advanced Laptop: £5 - £30

The more people that download the software the more we can achieve. For example:

  • 1,000 downloads = £250k
  • 5,000 downloads = £6.2m

Increase your impact

Beyond running the software you can increase your impact, like in more traditional ways of donating by getting others to contributor to your mission. We can then track and report on the impact you make.

Share with friends & family

The more people that download the software, the more we can achieve.

For everyone you get to download our miner, we track what they raise and report it back to you.

Share with companies

Companies you know or work for may have hundreds or thousands of computers and servers that are sat idle most of the time. This means their impact can be huge. Our software is designed to work for enterprises.

We can cover the cost of their electricity, turn that electricity usage green and then the rest can be donated to our mission.


Will using Cudo Donate slow down my computer?
It’s possible if the computers being used are particularly old, however the app is designed to scale with the available processing power. The app can’t use what isn’t there, so if the computer is showing its age then it may be a case of running the app only during down periods.
Does it know when to stop?
The software has been specifically designed to detect when the computer’s processing power is demand and scale backs its activity so as not to slow your computer down. It's important to us that mining crypto for your charity doesn't disrupt your day-to-day usage.
What are the environmental consequences?
It’s important to be mindful of the effect that mining could have on our planet, as the collective energy used for mining is significant. We take the impact of crypto mining on the planet very seriously. This is why part of Cudo Donates fees are invested in carbon credits, so every penny you raise through mining cryptocurrency is carbon neutral. You can read more about our commitment to the environment.
What personal information does the software require?
We hold no personal information, with your permission we ask for system information when we need to debug issues.
Will it affect broadband performance?
No. The amount of data we send is very small. To give you an idea, we download the size of a standard image every day. Updates to the software are larger, but this only happens every few weeks.
How much will I raise?
This entirely depends on the power of your computer - anywhere from a few pounds a month to a few hundred. This starts to add up, the more and people and companies that do it.
What are the security risks?
We go through multiple security steps to ensure the software is safe, including software signing, whitelisting with antivirus vendors, and independent security audits of our systems, to ensure we are always virus free.