Benefits Of A Cudo Donate Charity Partnership

A New Funding Stream
Donating spare computing power is a brand new interactive and modern way for supporters to fundraise without undermining existing activities.
A New Way For Existing Supporters To Donate
Donating spare computing power is a simple way for existing supporters to give even more.
New Supporters
Attract a tech-savvy audience and a new generation of supporters by offering an easy way to donate direct from their desktop or laptop.
No Start-Up Costs, No Upfront Investment
Registered charities get free fundraising tools, free platform and no setup costs.

3 Steps To Creating A New Income Stream



Equip yourself with the facts

You’ll need to get your facts straight as your colleagues will understandably have questions and concerns about a new technology, such as:

  • “What are the risks?”
  • “What is Cryptocurrency?”
  • “I’m worried about security”

Download Our Charity Guides

Fundraising In The Age Of Blockchain

The technology of money is changing.

Most people have heard of Bitcoin but few have a real understanding of the technology. Get up to speed with our comprehensive guide.


A Charity Guide to Crypto Mining

Discover why Cryptocurrency is the future of fundraising for a new generation in a turbulent world.

This succinct, short-form guide is a 10 minute read.




Your application

The first step to becoming a Cudo Donate Charity Partner is to apply. We make this very easy to do:

  • Apply to join our waiting list
  • Get 1st in line as soon as possible
  • Currently only registered charities can apply
  • We’ll notify you once you have been reviewed

Information To Provide

Essential Charity Information Required

We only ask for the bare minimum of information initially in order to ensure all applications are valid:

  • Your registered charity number
  • Your charity website address
  • Contact details and email address
  • Approximate supporter numbers
  • Approximate funding revenue

Application feedback

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve applied you will join our Charity waiting list. When we get to your position we will be in touch via email or telephone to advise you if your application has been successful.

Upon successful application we will help you setup you’re account.
Our goal is that all successful applicants are up and running as a Cudo Donate Charity Partner as soon as possible after approval.

Our team checks each application individually in order to ensure that Cudo Donate technology is only used by bona fide charities.

Commercial organisations or individuals who want to harness unused computer power to generate income should visit



Your Fundraising Tool Kit

Free Cudo Donate tools branded as your charity:

  • A Cudo Donate download page on our website
  • Your own desktop application to share
  • A Cudo Donate widget for your website
  • Promotional copy and FAQs provided
  • Website and branding assets

Growing Your Donations

Make Cudo Donate Part Of Your Story

We’ll work with you to promote Cudo Donate to your exisitng supporters and new supporters – sharing best practice and success stories as well as working on joint PR and social media promotions.


Engaging Your Supporters

A Guide To Supporter Engagement

Informing and educating supporters about the huge potential of this new technology is key to success.

Download our guide to supporter engagement for top tips on securing your supporters’ buy-in.