Donate your idle computer time to Charity

With Cudo Donate you can now donate in an entirely new way, by donating your idle computer time to your favourite charity, simply install, press play and when you are not using your computer, it will donate that time to charity.

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How it works?

Harnessing Unused Computer Power To Help Those In Need

Many of us own computers that are capable of so much more than we use them for. Much of the time our powerful computers are idling while we perform mundane tasks. Or are they doing nothing at all?

Think of all the millions of computers all over the world – how much potential computing power is going unused?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could harness all this unused power to help those in need?

What Is Cudo Donate?

Software That Creates Digital Currency For Charities

Fundraising is every charity’s greatest challenge. Cudo Donate is a new way for charity supporters to give; by donating spare computing power.

Cudo Donate software sits quietly in the background on your computer as you go about your daily business – waiting to harness spare capacity to help those in need.

When you stop working, Cudo Donate comes to life and turns unused computer power into cryptocurrency – digital money – for great causes.

Want to see how it works? Watch this video.

Every supporter with a computer can now donate their spare computer power to a charity. A typical modern computer can raise £1-50 a month – powerful computers much more. The cost? Just electricity.

What might this mean for the cause you care about?

If you want to make a difference, we’re here to make it simple, effortless with a more interactive and exciting way to donate

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What Do Charities Say About Cudo Donate?

The more I look at cryptocurrency and Cudo Donate, the more I think it's here to stay.

Matthew Baker, CEO, MyTime Charity

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This is a great new way to support the vital work we do to save lives.

Andy Williamson, CEO, Children's Air Ambulance

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A transformational opportunity for Team Rubicon UK and the sector as a whole.

Richard Sharp, CEO, Team Rubicon UK

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How Do I Get Involved?


Becoming a Cudo Donate partner will revolutionise your charity’s future.

To take your first steps, simply fill in the application form so we can learn a little bit about you and confirm your charity status. Once your application has been approved, you’re free to set up your Cudo Donate mining software; we’ll even provide you with a custom widget for your website.

Once you’ve told the world and engaged your supporters, you’ll soon see a swell in your regular donations, resulting in a new income stream and further capacity for philanthropy.

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Charity Supporters

With Cudo Donate, you can support your favourite causes without putting your hand in your pocket or giving up valuable time.

Using our cryptocurrency mining software, your computer could generate between £10-£30 a month for charity, purely when idling. Costing just a few pence on top of your regular electricity bill, the money you raise will help your favourite causes to keep making a difference.

Download and start donating. It’s that simple.

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